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Comic Melt Welding And Hot Cutting Safety Knowledge

1. Automatic argon arc welding and all-position argon arc welding control buttons must not be kept away from the arc so that they can be turned off at any time in the event of a malfunction.

2.It is strictly forbidden to weld and cut pressure vessels and pipes under pressure, live parts, stress-bearing parts of load-bearing structures and containers containing flammable and explosive materials.

3.When acetylene hoses fall off, rupture or catch fire, the flame of the torch or torch should be extinguished first, then the gas supply should be stopped; when the acetylene hose is on fire, the fire can be extinguished by bending the previous section of the hose. When the oxygen hose is on fire, the oxygen cylinder valve should be closed quickly to stop the air supply; the bending method is not allowed to eliminate the oxygen hose from catching fire.

4.The pressure reducer must not be arbitrarily disassembled and must be periodically calibrated. When the pressure gauge is not normal, it is forbidden to use when the lead seal or safety valve is not reliable.

5.During the work, the welding and cutting nozzles are not allowed to press on the iron plate. Do not approach the molten metal too much. The welding tip cannot be overheated and cannot be blocked.

6.In the welding (cutting) torch, when tempering occurs, quickly turn off the acetylene handwheel on the welding torch, then turn off the oxygen handwheel. After the tempering is extinguished, place the welding tip in the water to cool, then open the oxygen handwheel and blow. Except for the soot in the torch, find out the cause of the tempering and solve the problem, then continue to use.

7.When welding non-ferrous metal devices, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation and detoxification, and if necessary, use a filter gas mask.

8.Do not allow nakedness or bare other parts near the arc. Do not smoke or eat near the arc to prevent ozone and smoke from inhaling the body.

9.When welding with carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide gas bottle should be placed in a cool place, the maximum temperature should not exceed 30 ° C, and should be placed firmly, not close to the heat source.

10.It is forbidden to place rubber hoses on high-temperature pipes and wires, or to press heavy and hot objects on the hoses. It is also not allowed to lay the hoses together with the wires for welding. Prevent the hoses from being cut when used. . The hose should be sheathed or covered when passing through the roadway.

11.Each cylinder must have two anti-vibration rubber rings. Oxygen cylinders should be stored separately from other flammable gas bottles, grease and other flammable materials, and not in the same vehicle. When transporting, use a special rubber wheel trolley, place it firmly, lightly load and unload to prevent vibration. It is strictly forbidden to use the method of throwing, rolling and sliding and transporting the oxygen cylinder by train or crane. It is forbidden to carry the gas cylinder by hand.

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